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The FPFP label certifies the commitment of clubs, events, and sports sites to the environment. Engaging in a labeling process means benefiting from tailored monitoring and advice to improve its environmental impact. The FPFP label is intended for clubs (professional or not), sites and sporting events meeting eligibility, regardless of their size.



key themes
certification levels
Available for two years

The FPFP label has been created by experts such as sustainable development and environment protection specialists, and athletes from various sports. These experts have a complementary vision of the world. They have made it possible to have a pragmatic and comprehensive approach, adapted to the realities of the sports world, while meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The FPFP questionary, composed of 18 key themes, is based on 350 criteria, methodology based on quantifiable and measurable indicators. The identification of the characteristics of this questionary and the rating system were carried out in cooperation with ADEME, the Ecological Transition Agency.

An initiative to improve

The certified sports organizations will be part of a constant process of progress and the implementation of concrete actions to reduce their environmental footprint. Otherwise, the FPFP label can be removed, as defined in the labelling process.

A comprehensive and adapted label

3 major evaluation fields and 18 categories (rating coefficient) :

The FPFP label is label recognized by the sports world. It responds to a strong demand for identification, structuring and valuing their environmental commitments. The FPFP label allows to:

  • Certify the concrete, quantifiable and valuable environmental commitment of the certified sports entity and its entire ecosystem (public, players, supporters, communities, partners, providers...).
  • Meet the communication needs of sports organizations labeled on their environmental commitments previously accepted + signed the FPFP use agreement.


Respect the environment (1)
Land management (1)
Stadium life (1)
Cleaning products (1)


Transports (4)
Water management (3)
Heathly food (2)
Architectural management (1)
Purchasing management (2)
Digital management (1)
Energy management (3)
Carbon footprint (1)
Waste management (3)


Governance (2)
Communication responsible (2)
Accessibility (1)
Exemplarity (1)
Territorial impact (1)

3 certification levels

Thanks to that mission, Fair Play For Planet’s goals are:

Engaging partners in climate change and protecting the environment.

Structuring the previous commitment after carrying out an assessment of the eco-responsible actions implemented by its partners.

Improving that eco-responsible policy through defining and providing a progress approach.

Ensure the sport organization’s commitment through the award of the FPFP label.

Recognized by many actors, the FPFP label is giving solutions to sport structures in terms structuring and enhancing environmental commitments. It is in this context that the FPFP label allows to :

Certify the concrete, quantifiable and valuable environmental commitment from the sport organization certified.

Answer to the communication needs from the sport organizations labialized.


Regardless of your activity

In order to meet your needs in the most appropriate way, the label exists for clubs, venues and sports events and several offers are available based on your needs and maturity :


  1. First contact with Fair Play For Planet teams
  2. Access to the FPFP survey (150 Questions)
  3. Analysis of your performance in a comparative report with recommendations
  4. Access to your personal workspace for the duration of your commitment to us
  5. Secure storage of your documents
  6. Promotion of your engagements through the Fair Play For Planet trademark
  7. Communication of your score and your commitment to the FPFP network
  8. Digital responsibility file
  9. Newsletter #CommunautéFPFP

    FEES: €800 EXCL. TAX / YEAR

OFFER 2 (offer 1 plus) :

  1. Access to FPFP guidelines (350 questions)
  2. Initial on-site audit with stakeholders
  3. Application review and validation of engagements
  4. Scoring : FPFP label
  5. Personalized, detailed report with assessment of the environmental and economic impact of recommendations
  6. Promotion of your engagement through the FPFP Label (if eligible and according to the level)
  7. Label certification and eco-designed trophy
  8. Promotion of your CSR actions
  9. Regulatory monitoring (updated twice a year)
  10. FPFP Solutions Catalogue
  11. Webinars
  12. Feedback session with an FPFP expert
  13. Assistance
  14. FPFP Party (2 places offered)


  1. On-site follow-up audit after year 1
  2. Press release on your engagement and/or certification
  3. FPFP label awarding in the presence of Julien Pierre
  4. Conference with your partners and stakeholders to present the initiative and results
  5. Awareness-raising workshops
  6. Carbon footprint evaluation tool
  7. Carbon footprint assessment


Rigorous approach :

  • The FPFP certification is subject to an approved methodology by the Ethic and Strategy Committee.
  • The award, withdrawal, suspension or maintenance of the FPFP label are clearly defined in our labeling process.

Random audits : besides the planned audits according to the labelling process, Fair Play For Planet will carry out random audits to verify that the commitments made in the labialization file are respected, during the period of validity of the «FPFP» label in agreement with the labeled organization.

Communication : To assert its labeling, the organization is entitled to use the collective guarantee mark "FPFP" under the conditions specified contractually. Each labialized organization is given a communication kit and has the possibility to use the "FPFP" label on its communication materials, in compliance with the graphic charter and the rules of use of the "FPFP" brand.

Complaints processing : Would you like to dispute a labelling decision ? Are you dissatisfied with one of our services ? Would you like to make a complaint about an organization we have labelled ?

Téléchargez le traitement des réclamations ci-dessous.


As an ESUS approved Social and Solidarity Economy company, the democratic governance of the company is based on an advisory committee bringing together members of the ethics and strategic committee, FPFP experts, at least one associate of the Company, employees who wish it or even personalities from the amateur and/or professional sports world.

The ethic and strategy committee

Laurent Arcuset

Annabelle Baudin

David Blough

Jonathan Bossé

Lenaïg Corson

Benjamin Coudert

Alexis Danjon

Laurence Fischer

Antoine Lebrun

Thomas Parouty

FPFP experts

Ghislain d'Aboville

Sylvain Caliman

Jean-François Cappoën

Marc Delayer

Valentin Detail

Charles Diers

Christophe Gestain

Guillaume Kerrien

Patrick Larget

Claire Lepage

Pauline Tillol

Manuel Trarieux