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  • Ces 5 anciens du XV de France devenus entrepreneurs à succès

Ces 5 anciens du XV de France devenus entrepreneurs à succès


5 former French national team players turned successful entrepreneurs

BIG MEDIA - If rugby player rhymes with businessman, it's not by chance. Many former professional players have opted for entrepreneurship as their new playground. Focus on 5 former players of the XV de France who have made a success of their reconversion.

Sébastien Chabal, the meticulous one

The most popular bearded Frenchman of the late 2000s didn't have to wait long for his third-row career to come to an end. Although he admits to having looked for a way out for the first two years, the man with 62 caps for the French national team quickly got his foot back in the door by launching ConceptSport in 2017, a manufacturer and distributor of outdoor equipment for local authorities and businesses. A true businessman, "Caveman" also bought the Ruckfield clothing brand, of which he was the muse as a player. In parallel with his consulting activities, Sébastien Chabal co-founded Au Poil, a range of cosmetics for hair and beard. What else ?!


Julien Pierre, the ecologist

When you grow up with parents who own a zoo, it's hardly surprising that environmental awareness is woven into your DNA. So, in 2015, when the former second row of ASM Clermont began his reconversion during his career, it was by listening to his childlike heart that he launched Play for nature, a foundation dedicated to protecting endangered species. Like many former professional sportsmen and women, Julien Pierre was quickly caught up by "the need to create and also, unconsciously, to put himself in danger in order to rediscover the adrenalin of top-level sport", once his career came to an end in 2018, as he confided to us last May. He therefore launched Fair Play For Planet in 2020, the very first environmental label for sports clubs and events. His goal? For the sports industry to continue its ecological transition.